Transition and Staffing Program

Transition and Staffing Program

Prattco Creekway Management will establish an active, engaged and professional management presence, stabilize operations, implement operating protocols, support a successful and sustainable leasing and/or disposition program, and achieve investment objectives.  We will support this commitment with specific transition and staffing initiatives, as follows:

  • A senior and experienced Prattco Creekway Management property management team will oversee, direct, and manage the transition and operation of each building.
  • Prattco Creekway Management will support the management, leasing, acquisition and/or disposition effort and will work cohesively and collaboratively with the marketing plan developed specifically for each building.
  • Prattco Creekway Management will implement engineering protocols and support programs, thereby assuring continuity in service delivery, building knowledge and tenant relations.

In addition, our Start-Up Action Items checklist is comprehensive, and will ensure that the management transition and subsequent operations, will achieve these objectives.  Consequently, our priorities in the first 90 days of the assignment will be characterized by the following:

  • Transition meetings and discussions will be scheduled with asset management team to convey as much data and information as possible
  • Tenants will be informed of the management change and maintenance protocols will be established
  • Contractors and vendors will be formally notified, transition meetings arranged, and contract documents revised as necessary.
  • Reporting protocols, schedules, and formats will be established as required by ownership.


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