Take Over Procedures

Take Over Procedures

Immediately upon the award of management of the project, Prattco Creekway Management will provide a timeline for accomplishing the tasks required in the take-over of each property.

Some of the general areas addressed will include:

  • Staffing the property upon start of the assignment
  • Completing a property inspection and providing a report within 2 weeks
  • Reviewing all leases and correspondence files to verify information
  • Visiting each tenant within the first week with Property manager, Engineer, and Senior Executive from Prattco Creekway Management and developing a comprehensive tenant retention plan
  • Reviewing all service contracts and vendors within 30 days
  • Completing a budget within 45 days
  • Establishing accounting and reporting requirements to meet owner’s needs
  • Reviewing all security and emergency procedures
  • Establishing an employee training program
  • Reviewing insurance programs, including property insurance and required certificates of insurance from contractors, tenants, manager, and owner
  • Establishing a Standard Operating Procedures and Quick Reference Sheet for each property within 90 days
  • Completing a utility audit for electricity, water, and gas
  • Establishing a Construction Management Program to include building standards

Prattco Creekway Management has established procedures, which we can adapt to each property. These procedures include all of the above functions in significant detail to start a property operation immediately. We have established a detailed property take over Start-Up Action Items checklist based on our vast experience in property management and leasing, which we will use for each take-over.


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