Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Strategic – Prattco Creekway Management approaches operational issues in the context of a broader, client-specific real estate strategy developed jointly with ownership.
  • Value Add – The management and the engineering team proactively seek opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs by eliminating the cause of failures rather than treating the symptoms.
  • Client Focused – Each year the property team develops a property-specific strategy and detailed implementation plan based on client objectives for the property.
  • Flexible – Our team determines the optimum mix of in-house versus contract services to select the most cost-effective, quality balance of management.
  • Tenant Service Orientation – Prattco Creekway Management is well recognized for providing premium services to your tenants using the programs, practices and procedures we have developed that are geared toward providing fast, and responsive services to building tenants – our reputation depends on it. 
  • Cost Effective – Our engineering team continuously outperforms our competitors by providing the highest quality service at the lowest cost through management tools used to control labor hours, backlog, and overtime.
  • Investment Oriented – The management and engineering team will minimize capital requirements through careful operations and thorough maintenance. We also identify the highest and best use for capital investment opportunities whereby operating costs can be lowered by investing in new equipment or technologies with an agreed upon return on investment.

Property Management Employees

Prattco Creekway Management provides an experienced and qualified team for all property management operations. We recruit, employ, and continuously train our managers, engineers, and support staff to provide our clients with the highest quality services available. 

Prattco Creekway Management’s Senior Property Managers hold BOMA and IREM certifications, as well as a Texas Real Estate License.  We review and refine the existing preventive and predictive maintenance systems and protocols, and implement Prattco Creekway Management’s standards, as appropriate. Our managers, in addition to their tenant, property, and financial responsibilities, will participate on the monthly/quarterly investor calls to assist with specific questions relating to the management of the property.

Prattco Creekway Management’s building maintenance and engineering program is built on a staff of experienced building engineers supported with qualified contractor and vendor relationships, as well as technical and administrative resources. Maintenance and engineering duties include property inspections, coordinating building services and contractors, troubleshooting repairs and equipment breakdowns, developing preventive maintenance schedules, implementing an energy savings program, tenant interaction, emergency response, maintenance and repair.

Client Reporting

We comply specifically with each client’s reporting requirements. When it comes to reporting, we take great pride in our accuracy, adaptability and responsiveness. We develop a format for comprehensive monthly reporting to assure each client that all operations are proceeding according to pre-approved plans and investment goals.  We provide a complete set of financial documents to describe the property’s fiscal status, as well as detailed performance markers on leasing and management activities. We use our accumulated experience in managing similar facilities to spread lessons-learned across our portfolio for the benefit of all our managed assets. Our reports are designed to not only monitor our success in achieving each client’s stated goals and objectives for a property, but also to help maintain focus on the pursuit of those goals and objectives.


Prattco Creekway Management delivers complete, accurate and timely accounting and financial information through dedicated best-in-class accounting services.

We can either maintain accounting reports with the client’s chart of accounts or use Prattco Creekway Management’s standard account coding. We have extensive experience assisting and responding to external auditors, as well as preparing budget analyses, cash flow analyses, and special reports for potential investors. Should a Client prefer an independent audit firm, Prattco Creekway Management works with the firm specified by the client.

The most important objective: achieving optimal distributions for the investors.  Our management team will work closely with the leasing and asset management teams to ensure adherence to specific loan and reserve requirements and obtain lowest cost solutions for TI, resulting in an organized, well-defined investor presentation allowing for quick turn-around approvals during the voting process for prospective leases and budgets. 

Vendor Management

Prattco Creekway Management uses only proven vendors, general contractors, and subcontractors for contract service work as well as TI and capital projects. We thoroughly vet the qualifications of all vendors, contractors, and sub-contractors on our vendor list. In addition, we establish quality and performance standards for products and services, and we constantly evaluate the companies on our vendor list to ensure they continue to meet the high standards we set for them.

Take over and Transition Procedures

Immediately upon the award of management of the project, Prattco Creekway Management will provide a timeline for accomplishing the tasks required in the take-over of each property.

Prattco Creekway Management has established procedures which we can adapt to each property. We have established a detailed property take-over Start-Up Action Items checklist based on our vast experience in property management and leasing. 

Prattco Creekway Management will establish an active, engaged and professional management presence, stabilize operations, implement operating protocols, support a successful and sustainable leasing and/or disposition program, and achieve investment objectives.


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