Distinguishing Characteristics

Distinguishing Characteristics

  • Strategic – Prattco Creekway Management approaches operational problems in the context of a broader, client-specific real estate strategy developed jointly with ownership.
  • Value Added – The management and the engineering team proactively seeks opportunities to improve operations and reduce costs by eliminating the cause of failures rather than treating the effect or symptoms.
  • Client Focused – Each year the property team develops a property-specific strategy and detailed implementation plan based on client objectives for the property.
  • Flexible – Our team determines the optimum mix of in-house versus contract services to select the most cost-effective, quality mix.
  • Tenant Service Orientation – Prattco Creekway Management emphasizes the importance of providing premium services to your tenants using the programs, practices and procedures we have developed that are geared toward providing fast, responsive services to building tenants. Prattco Creekway Management utilizes a web-based work order system which ensures seamless and timely response to tenants.
  • Cost Effective – Our engineering team will continuously strive to provide the highest quality service at the lowest cost through management tools used to control labor hours, backlog and overtime.
  • Investment Oriented – The management and engineering team will minimize capital requirements through careful operations and thorough maintenance, as well as identify capital investment opportunities where operating costs can be lowered by investing in new equipment or technologies with an agreed upon “payback”.


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