Building Management Employees

Building Management Employees

Prattco Creekway Management will provide a fully qualified management team for the management of operations. Prattco Creekway Management successfully recruits, employs, and continuously trains managers, engineers, and support staff to provide building owners with the highest quality services available. Because recruiting is the foundation upon which our business depends, our employee candidate base includes a large number of industry professionals who are drawn to Prattco Creekway Management due to our professional reputation and observed performance. We recognize our employees’ orientation to service and professionalism through feedback from tenants, contract vendors, and owners.

Our meticulous employee recruiting process has helped us to retain exceptional professionals and extremely low turnover. We initially identify employee candidates through their education, experience and professional reputation. Senior staff members interview prospective employees for compatibility, service orientation, professional knowledge, and development potential.

We then examine those prospective employees who pass the primary interview by:

  • Checking their financial stability
  • Investigating for past criminal behavior
  • Completing a comprehensive background check


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